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bell bird bay wines, made at Alpha Domus in the renowned Bridge Pa Triangle wine district of Hawke's Bay, are crafted to capture the essence of New Zealandís pristine environment. They are a pure expression of the variety and itís unique terroir.

The Company

Bell Bird Bay, established in 2006, is an innovative New Zealand wine company loosely based on the French Negociant model. The company is a collaboration between a group of like-minded, experienced wine industry colleagues, dedicated to the production of wines that reflect the unique nature of New Zealandís wine regions and its terroirs. Bell Bird Bay is directly responsible for every stage of the production process, from growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling.

Our Wine

Our selection of wines is crafted from premium grapes, selected from vineyards that have consistently delivered wines that display superior varietal characters and in which we have an input throughout the entire season right up to and including harvest. The wines are produced in a well equipped state-of-the-art-winery and given a period of maturation before they are released. They are made to be approachable, expressive of their terroir and variety, have an affinity with food and above all deliver exceptional value.

Sustainable winegrowing

Bell Bird Bay is an accredited member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand® This is a proactive management environmental system that promotes soil health and the reduction of pesticides in the vineyard and pays particular attention to energy, water usage, recycling and other practices. 

Sustainable wine growing This logo is confirms that BBB has been independently audited.
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A little bit about bell birds:


Most New Zealanders can easily recognise the bellbird by its
melodious song, which Captain
Cook described as sounding
Ďlike small bells exquisitely tunedí.

Well camouflaged, the bellbird is usually heard before it is seen. Females are dull olive-brown, with a slight blue sheen on the head and a pale yellow cheek stripe. Males are olive green, with a purplish head and black outer wing and tail feathers.

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